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Creating Photos on Canvas from Negatives, Slides and Paper Photographs.

June 24, 2009

Creating Photos on Canvas from Negatives, Slides and Paper Photographs.

It is the misconception of many that you need to have digital photos to create modern photos on canvas. It is just simply not true. Canvas prints can be created from any type of image – if you can scan it or create it as an image file (jpeg, pdf etc) you can create a canvas print.

Photos on canvas are produced through digital printing technologies and therefore it is true that digital photos and digital images are easier to create canvas prints from, since they are already in the digital medium – but that does not mean other photos cannot create stunning canvas prints.

At ROC Gallery + Print Studio we are always creating fabulous canvas prints from negatives, slides and paper photographs. We have a high resolution photo scanner we use to scan our customers photographs, negatives and slides to create high resolution digital images. We then use these newly created digital files to manufacture great photos on canvas. Sometimes the photo or negative will produce a better canvas print than a photo taken with a modern digital camera.

So next time you are flicking through your photo album, don’t discount those old photos for canvas printing. They are where a lot of your memories lie and create fabulous gifts for your loved ones.