How to clean a photo on canvas

Caring for Your Photo on Canvas

Canvas prints are quite durable, but they still require specific care and attention.  To clean your photo on canvas all you need to do is give your canvas print a light dust. If your canvas becomes soiled, just wipe gently with a damp cloth (do not do this if your print is not laminated – you will rub off the ink!). 

Canvas prints from a quality provider should be coated with a special laminate or varnish coating, before you start cleaning it’s a good idea to check with the manufacturer.  This coating protects your canvas print from abrasions, scratches and UV. It is important that when cleaning canvas prints you do not use any chemicals as the chemicals will damage your protective coating.  When transporting and storing your photo on canvas be careful not to lean anything against the canvas side, as canvas is stretchy and may stretch a little out of shape (don’t worry if it does, it usually gets back into shape pretty quickly too).   My advice when transporting your canvas prints is to place a piece of strong flat cardboard against the canvas side, this will prevent anything from damaging or piercing the canvas. 

A good quality canvas print is designed to last longer than you will, and with the correct care you will be enjoying your canvas prints for a long time to come.


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