Canvas Prints – The Decorative Sound Absorbing Tool.

July 10, 2013

Canvas prints are now the most popular way to display photographs, memories and digital artwork. But what many people do not realise is that canvas prints are also a fabulous and cheap alternative for sound absorption. Offices, houses and restaurants spend a lot of time and money looking for solutions to absorb the sound of noisy environments that are effective and decorative.  Foam solutions are more often expensive as well as ugly.

Canvas prints are very effective at absorbing unwanted reflective sound, and they are also decorative too! Whether you choose to fill your walls with single large canvas prints or a cluster of smaller canvas prints, the effectiveness for sound will be the same.  Canvas prints do not just have to be photographs either, with the latest technology you can transform spaces with memories and photographs, tickets and keepsakes or digital artwork created by you!

For canvas prints to be most effective you will need to choose quality canvas prints and not a cheap synthetic canvas.  Cheaper budget canvas prints alternatives will not offer the same level of sound absorption as a quality canvas print due to differences in the canvas fabric.


Budget Canvas Prints

June 13, 2013

New Budget Canvas Prints Announced from a Quality Supplier. 

ROC Canvas Prints are the leading suppliers of quality canvas prints in Australia.  ROC Canvas Prints are based in Brisbane and supply their Brisbane canvas prints to domestic and commercial markets Australia wide.   A key part of the service ROC offers, in addition to the quality of the working materials, is the service and attention to detail paid by their staff ensuring the canvas print you receive is perfect.    This same service and attention to detail is now become available for a budget canvas print line.  The budget canvas prints are made using a synthetic canvas. The cheap canvas prints are available for any photo and are restricted in size to a maximum width of 90cm.

The budget cheap canvas print option offered by ROC can be selected in their simple order canvas prints online process.  All budget canvas prints produced by ROC Canvas Prints are printed with professional colour management, spray coated with a UV protecting spray,  stretched over kiln dried stretcher bars (frame) secured with stainless steel staples and professional framers tape and hanging cord.

Martin McGlone from ROC has described the budget canvas printing option as “a great canvas alternative if the quality of your canvas print is not the most important feature, but capturing your memories is what matters most”.  The budget canvas has always been available for design prints such as type map prints or tram scrolls and destination scrolls, however it is only now through customer demand that the budget option has been made available to customers for photos on canvas.  A standard ROC Canvas Print has an archive rating of 100yrs and are the finest quality canvas prints, alternatively the budget canvas prints have not been tested for their archive rating.

To order a cheap canvas prints  from ROC Canvas Prints using their budget canvas print option all you need to do is upload your photo to their form for ordering canvas prints online and the team at ROC will organise everything for you.

Canvas Prints in 24 hrs

April 28, 2013

Canvas prints in 24hrs seems like a far stretch, especially if you know the canvas printing manufacture process.  To create a canvas print from a photo (digital or paper photograph or image) first the photo is prepped for printing with any photo editing that needs to be completed and cropped and sized to take into account the area that will wrap around the frame.  Once this editing has been done the photo is then printed using wide format printers in a process know as giclee printing.  The canvas print is then spray coated using a laminate similar to a varnish which protects the print against abrasions and UV – plus it also adds a really nice finish to the final canvas print.  The process of laminating a canvas print is an important one and the canvas needs time to dry completely.  Once the canvas has dried it is then carefully stretched over a a specially made frame, finished using stainless steel staples, professional framers tape and hanging wire.  This process can take companies anywhere from a typical 4 days through to 3-4 weeks (depending on whether they print in-house or send it away or even off-shore).

To offer the service of having a photo to canvas print ready in just 24hrs is something not very many companies offer.  At ROC Canvas Prints the 24hr canvas print turnaround time is one of the many reasons customers keep going back.  ROC Canvas Prints offer a 24hr canvas photo turnaround to their customers for just a small surcharge.  What this means is that your photo will jump the queue and be printed before other canvas prints and often means the ROC team working long and hard to make sure your print is ready for you when you need it.

Having a canvas print ready in 24hrs is a great service offered by the ROC Canvas Print brisbane team.  Canvas prints make the prefect gift and with the 24hr canvas print turn around service Brisbane residents are able to purchase quality personalised gifts for family and friends without needing a very long lead time.

To purchase a canvas print using the 24hr canvas prints service just order your photo on canvas online and ask for RUSH SERVICE in the comments box or drop into see ROC in their Brisbane studio to sit with their photo editor and your photo will be prepared for express canvas printing while you wait and ready for collection the next day.

New Canvas Print Website Launch

March 18, 2013

ROC Canvas Prints are excited to announce the launch of their new and updated website –   The updated website is a new home for all things canvas printing.  ROC Canvas Prints offer their customers a unique buying experience for canvas prints and their complimentary services.   In the new website the process to order a canvas print online  has been kept as simple as before with with canvas print prices easy to read.  Additional services and product information has been created to be more accessible.

All ROC Canvas Prints are  created from your images sized and edited by resident photo editors.  ROC Canvas Prints will always email you a proof of your image before the canvas printing process begins.  There are a number of wrap options for your canvas print and the most suitable for your image will be shown to you in your proof, you can always request your wrap too.

All canvas prints by ROC are processed within 4 days of receiving approval of your proof and are shipped Australia wide.

Type Map Prints

October 23, 2012

Cartography meets text based design in these latest type map design prints.

With the trend for typography wall art over the last few years combined with the recent desire for cartography wall art, type map prints are combining these two trends into one stylish and unique design print.  See your city through text utilising landmarks, suburbs and street names – look closely and you may even see your own street!

The prints are printed using a fine art printing process known as Giclee and printed in charcoal on 320gsm highly textured 100% cotton rag art paper with the black ink contrasting nicely with the soft natural tones of the cotton paper / card.   All cotton rag paper prints are sold UNFRAMED at 50 x 70cm to fit IKEA frames.

Type map prints are available for Australian cities Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, with more cities to come.

Sydney type map prints, Melbourne type map prints and Brisbane type map prints can be purchased through

Print Instagram Photos

July 5, 2012

Print Instagram Photos on Canvas.

Ever taken a photo with your mobile phone, only to realise it is not suitable to enlarge for a canvas print?

Welcome Instagram.  Instagram is a popular photo sharing app for the iphone (and related products) and now also available for Android phones.  Once you take a photo on your mobile phone you can then apply different digital filters to your photo through Instagram.  Instagram will crop your image to square and you then choose the filters to be applied to your desired end result.  The end result  images are designed to be reminiscent of old Instamatic and Polaroid images.

Once you are happy with your Instagram images you can then share these images via social media, but then what?  Instagram photos are very popular, and popular photos need to be displayed.  ROC Gallery & Print Studio are specialist in canvas prints and have developed a system to enable you to print your Instagram photos on canvas.  ROC Will prepare and enlarge your Instagram photo so that it is perfect for canvas printing. And because you have already applied your digital filter to your image via Instagram, this is what makes it different from printing your standard mobile phone photo. When enlarging your Instagram photo ROC make sure your Instagram canvas photo will not have sharp pixel edges and you can print up to 50 x 50cm from your Instagram photos with stunning results.  Why not create a series for your wall or a special memory for a you or a friend.

For more information on how to print Instagram photos on canvas visit

New Canvas Wall Art Launch

May 9, 2012

With photos on canvas now very popular and the success of personalised tram scrolls, a new website has launched featuring canvas wall art.  Wall art from ROC Design and Print Studio ranges from funky typographical wall art, quirky prints and texture pieces.  With the popularity of custom canvas wall art, many of the design are totally customisable.

All designs are available to purchase on high quality canvas, Belgian linen or a budget Clean Skin option.  All prints are supplied stretched over a frame and ready to hang out of the box.   Great for a personalised gift for the person that has everything.

1950’s Bus Scrolls and Tram Scrolls – The Latest in Home Decor

April 10, 2010

World Cities Bus ScrollReproduction 1950’s vintage bus scrolls and tram scrolls are the latest trend in home decor – and they just got personal.  ROC Destinations + Scrolls design and manufacture personalised bus scrolls and tram scrolls on quality canvas, ready to hang in 4 days.

Bus scrolls (and sometimes called tram banners) are originally from the 1950’s buses where the driver had to roll the destinations over on a scroll / winder at the front of the bus.  These original bus scrolls are now selling for premium dollars and are being stretched over internal frames like a canvas wall hanging.  The fashion now is for people to create their own bus scroll using their choice of destinations to have them look like the original scrolls.

Some of the most popular bus and tram scrolls are ones that are the most personal.  The ‘Holiday of  a Lifetime’ bus scroll, or the ‘All the Places I Have Lived’ bus scroll, or even ‘The Extended Family’ bus scroll.   The choice is yours.

All canvas bus scrolls and tram scrolls will last 75+ years and are printed on high quality 430gsm archival canvas and protected with 3 coats of varnish to protect the ink and canvas from UV and abrasions.

All bus and tram scrolls are provided stretched over an internal frame and ready to hang.

To order, simply visit and fill out the simple order form with your chosen destinations and a proof of your new destination scroll design will be emailed to your for approval.  All destination scrolls will be ready in 4 days from approval and delivery is Australia wide.

How to clean a photo on canvas

July 16, 2009

Caring for Your Photo on Canvas

Canvas prints are quite durable, but they still require specific care and attention.  To clean your photo on canvas all you need to do is give your canvas print a light dust. If your canvas becomes soiled, just wipe gently with a damp cloth (do not do this if your print is not laminated – you will rub off the ink!). 

Canvas prints from a quality provider should be coated with a special laminate or varnish coating, before you start cleaning it’s a good idea to check with the manufacturer.  This coating protects your canvas print from abrasions, scratches and UV. It is important that when cleaning canvas prints you do not use any chemicals as the chemicals will damage your protective coating.  When transporting and storing your photo on canvas be careful not to lean anything against the canvas side, as canvas is stretchy and may stretch a little out of shape (don’t worry if it does, it usually gets back into shape pretty quickly too).   My advice when transporting your canvas prints is to place a piece of strong flat cardboard against the canvas side, this will prevent anything from damaging or piercing the canvas. 

A good quality canvas print is designed to last longer than you will, and with the correct care you will be enjoying your canvas prints for a long time to come.

Photos on Canvas making headway in Corporate Australia

June 29, 2009

Photos on canvas are becoming the new trend in many top corporate environments.  With photo on canvas print displays being successfully used for many applications.  Corporate office environments are now choosing photos on canvas as a way to effectively display their company branding and products.

Marketing directors are choosing photos on canvas over more traditional photography displays.  Some of the advantages of photos on canvas are that you can get much much larger sizes with a canvas print than you can with a traditional framed picture.  Many canvas printers, including ROC Corporate Prints, can print a photo or image on canvas up to 3 meters   This often suits corporate clients and their environments much better as they often have very large walls to fill.  Company logos and branding on canvas are being used in foyers and receptions to welcome visitors, as well as canvas print displays of products and latest advertising campaigns.  Photos on canvas are also becoming a popular addition to trade show displays.

If you don’t have your own images or are looking for something special, ROC Gallery & Print Studio can assist you in selecting suitable image.   Canvas prints  make the perfect accompaniment for office meeting rooms, reception areas and hotel rooms.